Trade Promotion


In its efforts to promote Arab trade, and to avail opportunities to realize commercial exchanges between parties involved in Arab trade. ATFP organizes and executes meetings of Buyers & Sellers of Arab commodities based on specific methodology .

Potential Sectors
Studies on trade flow analysis related to the Arab region have identified a number of key sectors with a potential for growth in trade between Arab countries. These sectors includes textiles & clothing, food products, metal industries, chemicals & petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

In coordination with Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the Export Promotion Centers in the Arab countries, supply & demand surveys for the Arab countries are conducted to provide the basis for the selection of the participants in the Buyers & Sellers meetings.

Buyers & Sellers Meetings
The selection of the participating companies is followed by a matching process upon which the schedule of meetings for each participant for the duration of the events prepared. Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Export Promotion Centers, ATFPs National Agencies, transportation & insurance firms as well relevant regional and international organizations are also represented in the meeting. The aim is to avail an environment conducive to promoting trade exchanges which ATFP stands ready to finance if the relevant eligibility criteria are met.