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Company Register

Arab Trade Financing Program's Company Register is the most comprehensive database on Exporters, Importers, and Manufacturers in the Arab World.

Before you proceed with our Company Register. Please note the following:

  • The system is based on the Harminozed System (HS) Code 6 Digit Level.

  • You may proceed Searching if you know the HS 6 digit code for the product you are looking for, or

  • If you do not know the HS 6 digit code, you can search by text for the products you are interested in. By using this option, this result may or may not contain more than one record.

  • Select the record that matches your requirements. Then, select the country you need.

  • The system will display results according to three categories, Exporters, Importer, Manufacturers. You can browse the Exporters, However, if you need the list of importers or manufacturers, you can contact our Focal Point(s) in your country as they are the authorized party to browse the importers and Manufacturers (free of charge).

  • If the system displays "No Hits Found", you the can use the option to browse list of traders dealing with Product Group instead of specific product.

You can proceed now.