Financing Services


Eligible Trade Transactions
ATFP provides financing facilities for eligible trade transactions of goods of Arab origin and associated services. Goods shall be considered eligible for ATFP financing if entirely produced or manufactured in an Arab country from primary resources and other domestic components of production originating in that country or in any other Arab country, or if the value added in an Arab country is at least 40% of the value of the goods. ATFP can also finance imports of capital goods essential for production from non-Arab countries.

National Agencies
ATFP provides its financing services through its National Agencies which are primarily banking and financial institutions spread throughout the Arab region and appointed by arrangement with the indigenous banking authorities.

Financing Method
Through lines of credit extended by the Program to its National Agencies, ATFP refinances Arab exports to Arab or non-Arab countries. Refinancing of credits for imports is presently extended to imports from Arab countries, and imports of capital goods essential for production from non-Arab countries. The program has also introduced Islamic financing through Murabaha and Mudaraba facilities, and provides guarantees for eligible trade transactions. ATFP will also consider participating in forfaiting transactions meeting its eligibility criteria.

Types of Credit
ATFP refinances various types of credits extended by the National Agency to the exporter or importer in an eligible transaction, and this may include pre-export credits, post-shipment credits, buyers’ credits, and import credits.

Pricing & Tenors
While ATFP provides its refinancing facilities at competitive pricing, the tenors of the refinancing are convenient as well, and are guided by the type of commodity involved. The maximum tenor for transactions involving consumer goods is 12 months, while for raw materials it is 18 months, 24 months for intermediary goods and 60 months for capital goods.

Applying for ATFP Credit
The exporters or importers eligible for ATFP refinancing may therefore utilize the facilities of ATFP by contacting any of the National Agencies of the Program which would in turn apply for refinancing of the credit it allocates to the customer.