Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Chamber is a non-profit utility organisation, with legal entity and financial and administrative independence. It shall have the competence to own and dispose of movable and immovable properties. It can sure and be sued. The Chamber may delegate any person that it appoints as its representative in judicial proceedings

DCCI Objectives
On the Third of Rabae Al Awwal 1385 A.H. corresponding to the 1st of July 1965 A.D. by virtue of the law, the "Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry " was established, and on the 26th of June 1975 the Law of the Chamber was issued as per Decree No. 2, the second and third articles of which provided that the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry is an organization of public benefit which has a juridical personality and enjoys its financial and administrative independence. The fourth article of the said law defines the objectives of the chamber as follows:

  1. To organize commercial, industrial and agricultural interests as well as relevant services, maintain them and do whatever is possible to develop them.

  2. 2. To establish effective contacts with the concerned authorities in all matters related to trade, industry and agriculture as well as matters related to practising business activity in the Emirate.

  3. 3. To maintain good relations with the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture within and outside the U.A.E

The chamber membership is compulsory for all firms practicing business and professional activities. As stipulated by the chamber's establishment law "all traders, industrialists, owners of agricultural projects whether they are individuals or companies, concessionary companies, commercial agents, contractors, entrepreneurs, financial and banking companies and establishments, insurance companies, tourism and travel agents, exchangers, owners of hotels, accounting and auditing offices, firms undertaking all forms of consultancy work and every person practicing any work related to trade, industry or services should be a member of the Dubai Chamber".

Exempted from the membership of the Chamber are only individuals who are practicing small trades or professions with little expenses and who are depending upon their manual efforts to earn their living more than their dependency on cash capital.

For more information about DCCI, please contact:
Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)
Beniyas St., Deira,
P.O.Box: 1457, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: (9714) 2280000
Fax: (9714) 2211646
General Manager: Eng. Hamad Mubarak Bu Omim

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