Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Chamber's Functions & its Role in the Economy

The creation of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 1969 was a significant event which coincided with the commercial and industrial boom predominant in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The law under which Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established, stated that the Chamber shall play an effective role through participation in the efforts to be exerted for the achievement of the aims of socio-economic development and, shall encourage, prop, and look after the Private Sector in a way that may serve the common good and assist to consolidate economic development in the Emirate.

Being a gathering of businessmen and proprietors of various firms, the Chamber is playing an effective role in cementing the channels of co-operation, contact and consultations with economic and political authorities, and in organizing all that may assist the Government authorities to promote the Private Sector with the objective of ensuring regular services for individuals and, voicing the requirement of the business sector and the members ambitions for economic progress .

The Chamber subsequently reports its activities to the Government authorities through its normal administrative channels, explaining thereby the Private Sector's view points.

On the other hand, the Chamber informs and convinces the Business Sector of the Government directives and puts into practice the Emirate commercial and industrial policies. Ever since its inception the Chamber has, with all its capacities, made all efforts to uphold its duties in the best possible manner to act, not only as a link between the Emirate's Private Sector and the Government authorities, but also as an impetus for activating and diversifying the fields of such concerns.

The Chamber has, within a short period since its inception, succeeded in making long strides towards its extreme targets and in fulfilling a major part of its message.

The Chamber extends to its member firms or in other word, to the Emirate business community, numerous services which easily acquaint them with the best sources of their requirement, thereby assisting them to approach foreign firms. Further, the chamber, is keen on providing its member firms with all business information on international markets as well as with opportunities and possibilities of exportation of local products to the foreign world. It also furnishes member firms with studies on the opportunities and, with means of undertaking joint ventures with such foreign firms.

Aims and Tasks of the Chamber

Articles No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the law under which Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established, defined the aims, jurisdictions and tasks of the Chamber as follows:

  1. The Chamber aims at co-operating with the Government in organizing and promoting commercial and industrial affairs to serve the country's welfare.

  2. The Chamber collects information and statistics appertaining to commercial and industrial affairs and, studies possible fields activating and protecting them. The Chamber may issue magazines, leaflets, etc. Which contribute to the realization of its purposes.

  3. The Chamber may present to the Government authorities whatever proposals deemed appropriate on the establishment of economic enterprises, and on legislation related to commercial and industrial affairs. The Chamber may also request for information or data falling within its jurisdiction as provided for in the said law.

  4. The Chamber expresses its points of view on what the Government Departments may ask for, and provides them with all information, upon their request.

  5. The Chamber may exercise the following affairs:


Holding economic conferences, as well as setting up exhibitions and fairs within the Emirate.


Participating in conferences and exhibitions held abroad.


Co-operating with other Emirates chambers of the U.A.E to form a general federation of chambers that unites them and regulates their affairs on U.A.E level .


Joining Arab, foreign and international federations of chambers and exchanging information with them.


Contributing to the establishment of joint Arab- foreign Chamber .

  1. The Chamber may decide, through arbitration , on the disputes submitted by disputing parties.

  2. The Chamber shall exercise the following authorities:


Attestation to certificates of origin.


Verification and attestation to commercial invoices.


Attestation to guarantees and solvency.


Attestation to signatures of the Chamber's member firms and their authorized representative.


Attestation to photocopies of documents registered with the Chamber.


Attestation to dates of document submitted to the Chamber.


Attestation to any commercial and industrial certificates.


Attestation to the legal instruments of arbitration presented by the concerned arbitrators or by the parties of arbitration.


Appointing experts and representatives ( upon request of the Government Departments, courts of justice or concerned individuals) for studying commercial and industrial matter of disputes and attesting the relative certificates presented by such experts and representatives.


Defining trade convention.

Information provided by the Chamber

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce provides information to the business community , decision Makers , and researchers in all aspect effecting U.A.E Economy , Abu Dhabi , the rest of the World ,

Some of the Information wish ADCCI provides are : -


Member Companies , Business Activities


Economic studies , Economic indicators ,Trade Statistics


Industries, Products , Services


Commercial Agencies , Trade Marks


Rules & Regulations Customs & Duties , …….


Tenders, Trade Opportunities ( local , Foreign )


Investment Incentives, Investment Opportunities


Free Trade Zone


Market Profiles , Country Profile , Market Studies


Exhibition & Events (local & International )


In Coming , Out going Delegation

Chamber Publications

Abu Dhabi Monthly Magazine:
A specialized economic monthly Review addressing Chamber member and businessmen in the Emirate and the UAE at large. Arabic & English

Abu Dhabi Commercial Directory:
It is a comprehensive directory classifying and compiling the names; addresses and activities of all firms and businesses operating in Abu Dhabi Emirate. Arabic & English.

International Commercial News:
A monthly business bulletin includes Trade offers and information received from various international sources. It also publishes names and address of international & Local companies looking for local Partner ,dealers; traders; agents or distributors for their products. It further shows the names and addresses of investors seeking to enter in joint ventures with their UAE counterparts along with list of Exhibitions & Events World Wide a long with Different country profiles each month . English

Businessmen & Investors Guide:
A booklet of general information on how to practice business activities in Abu Dhabi. It also shows the various relevant procedures and introduces the facilities and incentives usually offered for investors and companies willing to start business within the Emirate. Arabic & English

Commercial Agent Guide:
It includes laws , regulations on the commercial agency activity as well as the terms and conditions of practicing. Arabic and English.

Trade Licenses Guide - Abu Dhabi Emirates:
This guide includes concise information on how to get a trade license required of different industrial; commercial and professional activities. It contains information on investment incentives , laws, regulating economic practices. The guide explains the types and procedures of getting the appropriate license. Arabic and English.

Choose Your Company Type:
A bilingual brochure, including information on the terms and conditions required for establishing trading companies in Abu Dhabi Emirate. legal status of each type as occurred in the Commercial Company Law No. (18) of 1981.

Commercial Company Low:
The Arabic text of Federal Law No. (18) concerning commercial companies and all relevant amendments. The book is also binding a legal translation into English for the preamble; the body and the relevant amending laws.

Abu Dhabi In Figures:
A booklet aiming at providing local and foreign businessmen and investors With a concise reference on Abu Dhabi economic potentials; indicators and Statistical figures. It, actually reflects the volume and track of the comprehensive Development process involving all aspects of life in the Emirate.

Abu Dhabi Conciliation and Arbitration Center:
A bilingual booklet including information on the Center’s task; functions; chart and procedural regulations. Certain parts in the booklet provide or the terms and conditions of enrolment in the various panels of conciliators; arbitrators; experts and translators.

Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Tourist & Business Guide:
A tourist guide including general information on Abu Dhabi; Al Ain and famous tourist sites in the Emirate. It also contains key information responding to the various Enquirer of businessmen and tourists.

Abu Dhabi - Economics & Social Indicators:
A brochure containing foreign trade statistics and general information about Abu Dhabi Emirate. It also reviews investment developments involving different sectors. The brochure, further reviews the medical and educational advancement achieved in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general.

Online Information at Your Hand:
A brochure covering the multi Chamber services rendered to business members though the latest information systems. It shows how the Chamber web site is invested to serve the needs of whoever seeking information about Abu Dhabi and the Chamber activities. Through its electronic mail, the Chamber's Information Systems Department offers the web browsers diversified services.

Abu Dhabi Potentials Investment Opportunities:
A booklet aiming projecting the economic potentials of Abu Dhabi Emirate, as well as the various and diversified investment opportunities which are available with every factor ensuring profitability; security and stability.

Abu Dhabi Chamber Annual Report:
The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Annual Report provides information on achievements and performance in the Chamber

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