The Center for Promotion of Exports

The Center for Promotion of Exports - CEPEX, created in 1973, is a public agency under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce.

Acting at the heart of Tunisia's foreign trade, CEPEX's primary mission is to provide support and assistance to Tunisian exporters and to their foreign counterparts through each stage of their commercial transactions,    providing them a full range of services to facilitate their activities.

CEPEX helps in identifying and formulating measures and actions aimed at improving the strategies and the environment for exporting, notably:

  • Through participation in and elaboration of the national trade plan and the active promotion of exportation;
  • Within the framework of the activities of the National Council of International Trade and its technical committees;
  • Within the implementation and piloting of strategy and impact studies relative to the exporting environment;
  • By the establishment of electronic trade information intelligence systems for monitoring the evolution of foreign trade: the Foreign Trade Observatory;

The development of "trade information" within CEPEX is based on adaptation, targeting and rapidity in the treatment and the diffusion of trade data and information, as well as, improving communication mediums and CEPEX's own promotion in support of exporting companies.

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