Sudan Union of Chambers of Commerce

Union Chambers of Commerce

Established in 1908 The Sudan Chamber of Commerce has been supplying services to the private sector for ages. In 1912, a very fine printed Trade Bulletin was issued providing on regular bases trade information and different commercial and social topics.

It is just a few years ago that people considered the importance of Chambers and their role in the process of development. Under these new conditions of technological progress, and what is known as the New Global System, the importance of being together (grouping) is growing day by day. Within the coming few years there will be no chance of survival for those working alone. This is emphasized in the newly formed world organizations and treaties. Our organization is a major one among them.

On the other hand this sort of work needs comprehensive forms of cooperation between the members. To fulfill the terms of any agreement all parties should at least be standing on the same grounds and operating from the same level.

We in the Union of Sudanese Chambers of Commerce understand and appreciate the role of the Regional Economic Organizations such as COMESA in developing trade among the member countries in the region. we have to be clear and honest to tell state we have recruited a skilled staff in our Union.

The Union Chambers of Commerce consist of five Chambers: -

1-Exporters Chambers

Embrace around nine divisions of the Exporters of Agriculture Products, Live Animal, Meat and Meat preparations, Industrial products, Minerals.

2-Importers Chambers

Consist of around seven divisions: -

Food Stuffs
Building Materials
Electronics Electrical Equipment
Heavy Machinery cars, Spare Parts

3-Wholesalers Chamber

According to the Local Markets this chamber covers all the wholesalers the local Sudanese Markets

4-Retailers Chamber

Like the wholesalers its member is all retail shops and stores

5-Economic Services Chamber

It is the one of the biggest chamber in Sudan because it covers all the services to be rendered to the local citizens, Tourism Agents, Cafes and Restaurants, etc…

The functions of the Union Chambers of Commerce: -

  1. Collect and disseminate information useful for trade in Sudan.

  2. To give such information and statistics as may be in its power to the Government when asked.

  3. To intervene with government in all matters affecting the general interests of trade and in all ways to be watch of the interests of Trade in the Sudan/

  4. To give advice on questions relating to commercial practices.

  5. To correspond with other Chambers of Commerce when necessary and to deal with such trade inquiries as may be received from time to time.

  6. To assist in the arrangement of arbitration and conciliation in cases of commercial disputes when so requested.

  7. To issue Certificate of Origin when these are required.

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