Statement of Principles

The Palestine Trade Center is located in Ramallah, in the West Bank; it maintains a branch office in Gaza and representation offices in the Netherlands, Dubai, and the U.S.  The Palestine Trade Center is a private sector membership organization.  It is formed and supported by concerned Palestinians who are committed to furthering economic development through expanded private sector action and increased international trade.  Paltrade focuses on providing its members with access to action-oriented trade development services.  Paltrade members are sectors of the Palestinian business community; they are manufacturers, transporters, traders, bankers, lawyers, hotel operators, and real estate developers.  Paltrade operates as an effective counterpart to government in developing the infrastructure and services needed to expand trade and investment.   Paltrade members are committed to building the capacity of the organization to assist members to export, identify new market possibilities, locate joint venture partners, and build new companies.

Paltrade's mandate is to strengthen the ability of Palestinian companies to compete in world trade and to attract direct foreign investment.  In pursuit of this mandate, Paltrade is the primary address and contact point for companies around the world that are seeking to develop trade linkage with Palestinian firms.

For more information about PALTRADE, please contact:

Palestine Trade Center (PALTRADE)
Al Bireh, Al Watanieh Towers Bldg., 5th floor
P.O. Box: 883, Ramallah
Palestine Authority
Tel : +970 (02) 2408383 / 4
Fax: +970 (02) 2408370
General Manager: Maher Hamdan