Homs Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Homs CCI was established in 1928. Its members numbered:

  •  7250 in the commercial sector.

  • 1550 in the industrial sector.

  • 1150 in the services sector.

The enrollment in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is not obligatory. Every citizen can enroll in the chamber if he or she meets the following conditions:

  1. Being registered in the commercial register, for a commercial, industrial or service profession.

  2.  Practicing his work in a private office, shop or factory.

  3. Have good reputation in the field of his work.

  4. Have a defined financial credit rating.

The chamberís services to its members:

  • Issue certificates of origin for the exported material.

  • Certify the authenticity of its memberís signatures.

  •  Certify the financial ability of a member as a commercial guarantor.

  • Issue membership certificates and cards.

  • Issue introduction letters of the chamberís members.

  • Arbitrate in commercial and industrial disputes.

  • Nominate experts and representatives to participate in governmental economic committees.

  • Define the commercial practice.

  • Represent the members with the government departments.

  • The Social Solidarity Fund which provides a substantial grant on a memberís death.

  • The Information Center which provides information about the various national and international economic activities.

Also the Chamber provides with a lot of activities that contribute in improving the level of the commercial and industrial activities of its members such as:

  • Setting-up training courses in different scopes of administration.

  •  Arranging different lectures and symposia.

  • Arranging meetings between businessmen.

  • Arranging the cooperation with many Arab and foreign chambers.

  • Arranging meetings between the members of the chamberís members and representatives of the Arab and foreign embassies.

  • Receiving delegations of businessmen from different Arab and foreign countries.

Information Center

The success of an establishment or a commercial company and the soundness of its decision relies on the correctness of its available information. As a contribution in supporting the national economy and in order to supply establishments with an up-to-date data base complying with the explosion of information in the modern world, the Homs Chamber Of Commerce & Industry established the Information Center to be the direct access for the various economic sectors ( private, public and joint) to their requirements and needs of information . The Information Center aims also to be the data base of the local activities in the service of the international companies wishing to do business with the Homs Ė based activities .

Objectives of the center:

  1. Strengthening the ties between the Homs Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the international and foreign chambers of commerce keeping in mind the future option of joining the international information networks .

  2. Assembling a database covering both local and international trading activities .

  3. Supporting the interested local entities in the adoption of modern information networks.

The services which the center offers:

  1. To furnish information and contact addresses of various international industrial and commercial companies.

  2. To provide  information about various services in foreign countries.

  3. To provide addresses of embassies, consulates, banks, and service institutions all over the world.

  4. To furnish information about the laws governing trade and industry, customs classifications of goods and other relevant information in Syria.

  5. To initiate contacts between interested members of the Chamber and commercial sections  in embassies and foreign chambers of commerce.

  6.  To arrange meetings with representatives of commercial sections in embassies.

  7. To offer detailed information about commercial, industrial and service companies through the Internet.

  8. To compile commercial opportunities bulletin about companies willing to do business with Syria or to appoint agents in Syria.

  9. To furnish information about the Chamber members for interested parties contributing in the promotion of business relations.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Nafeíe Atassi
Information Center Director
Tel.: +963-31-462023 / 471000
Fax: +963-31-464247
Email: info@homschamber.org

Web:  www.homschamber.org