Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce

The Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce was founded in Damascus in 1975 , comprising 14 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Syria. Being a supervising authority , the Federation looks after commercial , economic and trade activities , represents the Chambers of Commerce , holds economic conferences and trade fairs, the Federation is also concerned with the economic relations between the business community and the government authorities, the Federation prepares studies and researches related to economic affairs in Syria.

Honorary Life President Mr. Badr Aldin Al-Shallah:
Mr.Badr Aldin Al-Shallah was Board Member of Damascus Chamber of Commerce for (46) years and he was elected as a president for the Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce and Damascus Chamber of Commerce for many successive sessions ,. His life is full of initiatives, hardworking, interest to bear responsibilities and continued efforts to find new field of production and investment for Syrian businessmen .

Mr. Shallah has gained the confidence of the trade and economic community in Syria and by means of his long ranged experience he was able to solve all the problems he encountered.

Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce
Mousa Bin Nosair Str.
P.O. Box 5909 Damascus – Syria
Tel: 00963 11 3337344 / 3311504
Fax: 00963 11 3331127
E-Mail: syr-trade@mail.sy

Contact Persons:
Dr. Rateb Shallah - President
Tel : 3337344/ 3311504
Fax: 3331127

Dr. Abdulrahman Attar - Secretary General
Tel: 3337344 / 3311504
Fax: 3331127


Administrative Structure for Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce
General Assembly
Board of Directors
Bureau of the Federation

Public Sectors Establishments and Companies are represented in the Federation Board of Directors by the General Directors of Those Companies and Establishments as follows:

  • Commercial Bank of Syria
  • General Foreign Trade Establishment for Machinery & Equipment (SAYARAT)
  • General Consumer Establishment
  • General Establishment for Trade and Distribution
  • General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade
  • General Company for Shoes


  • Foreign Trade, Export & Fairs Committee
  • Industry, Agriculture and Investment Committee
  • Finance and Publication Committee

Bilateral Businessmen Councils
The Businessmen Councils aim to improve and develop the trade and economic relations between the businessmen of the two countries and to encourage bilateral investment projects.

  • Syrian-Lebanese Businessmen Council
  • Syrian-Kuwaiti Businessmen Council
  • Syrian-Saudi Businessmen Council
  • Syrian-Egyptian Businessmen Council
  • Syrian Tunisian Businessmen Council
  • Syrian Algerian Businessmen Council

National Company for Exhibitions And International Markets / Joint-Stock-Venture
The Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce has jointly established the a/m national companies which aim to hold fairs and sales markets inside and outside Syria , promote Syrian national products , conduct studies , researches , decoration projects , and to apply for tenders related to its activities.


Syrian European Business Centre (SEBC)

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Euro lnfo Correspondence Centre (EICC) Fact Sheet

The Syrian European Business Centre (SEBC) is responsible for the management of the Business Sector Support Programme (BSSP), a European Union funded programme aiming to help the Syrian Business Community by providing the following services: o Business Consultancy

  • Business Information
  • Management Training

The Euro Info Correspondence Centre (EICC) services will now be available for Syrian businesses. In a first stage the services will be available through the SEBC in Damascus, and soon also at the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce in Damascus, at the Chamber of Commerce in Aleppo, and at the Aleppo SEBC.

For more information : www.sebcsyria.org

Damascus Chamber of Commerce

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Damascus Chamber of Commerce is considered one of the oldest and recognized Chambers in the Arab world. It is a public-welfare foundation whose target is to serve commercial interests . It enjoys the status of a legal person. It has the right to own, sell, buy, litigate, mortgage, accept donations or grants and get loans.

Tasks entrusted to the Chamber:

  • Attesting invoices of the goods and certificates of origin.
  • Attesting guarantees or the guarantor’s financial ability.
  • Registering arbitration contracts presented to the Chamber by the appointed arbitrators
  • Naming experts to the Ministry of Finance and courts to study topics of commercial nature.
  • Preparing records of prices of basic items and commodities current in local commercial markets.
  • Outlining commercial conventions.
  • Offering information and expressing views on laws and regulations related to trade and taking part in studying or amending drafts of laws and decisions of economic nature.
  • Holding economic conferences and participating in foreign economic conferences.

The activities of the Chamber includes:

  • Gathering legislative and organizational texts related to trade.
  • Publishing information to the economic community.
  • Holding special records of information on trade, commercial and industrial firms.
  • Publishing names and addresses of merchants and commercial firms.
  • Publishing a non-periodical to serve trade and trade promotion.

Chamber's Address:
P.O.Box: 1040 Damascus - Syria
TeL: 2211339 / 2218339
Fax : 2225874
E_Mail: dcc@net.sy
Contact Person: Dr. Rateb Shallah – President


Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce

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Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce render services to all firms, companies , factories and marketing centers in Damascus Countryside and southern area. The number of registered members exceeds (13000) and it is expected to reach (15000) .

More than (3000) certificates of origin are attested per year.

The Chamber established a number of service facilities including a commercial bank in Douma, two social service halls in Yabroud and Nabak, and service complex in Douma Housing Association.

The Chamber takes up the position of the permanent treasurer of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and a member of Arab-Austrian Chamber of Commerce, a member of executive committee of Syrian businessmen board. IT takes part in receiving and hosting the trade delegation, holding conferences and forums, preparing studies and work plans for economic conferences.

The Chamber organizes a celebration for Syrian immigrants every year, through which it invites all immigrants to invest in their home country.

The Chamber arranges for matching relations with some Chambers in the world, and keeps in touch with the commercial attaches and businessmen in the embassies, issues a non periodical on trade and commercial offers.

Chamber's Address:
P.O. Box 5859 , Damascus - Syria
Tel: 2315653 / 2315391
Fax: 2313798
Contact Person: Mr. Mhd Deeb Al-Khatib – President


Aleppo Chamber of Commerce

Chamber's Address:
P.O.Box 1261 , Aleppo Syria
Tel: 238237 / 238236
Fax: 213493
E-Mail: alepchmb@net.sy , alepchmb@mail.sy
Contact Person: Mr. Saleh Mallah – President


Homs Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chamber's Address:
P.O . Box 440 , Homs - Syria
Tel: 469440 / 471000
Fax: 464247
E-Mail: hcc-i@net.sy
Contact Person: Eng. Waleed Tulaimat - President


Hama Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Chamber renders the following services to its registered members including granting commercial certificates, attesting export invoices, and certificates of origin as well as introduction letters.

The Chamber set out to avail the privileges of the Law No.10 of 1991 and accordingly the National Transport Company with a capital of 200 millions S.P. was established. Also the National Vegetable Oil Company with a capital of 1500 millions S.P was founded. The Chamber intends to build a clinic, a tourist housing association for merchants and industrialists in Hama.

Chamber's Address:
P.O. Box 137 , Hama - Syria
Tel: 233304 / 517700
Fax: 517701
Contact Person : Mr. Ezzat Al-Habbal - President


Lattakia Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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The Chamber takes part an all national events and activities.

The chambers build close relations with other national Chambers beside the Arab and Foreign Chambers of Commerce.

The Chamber is now a member of board of directors for some Arab and Foreign Chambers.

The Chamber makes constant contacts to expand its international participation to achieve better service to Latakia merchants and industrialists

It also had an important role to make a real link between merchants and industrialists on one hand and authorities on the other hand.

It takes part in local, Arab and International conferences and fairs.

Chamber's Address:
P.O. Box 124 , Lattakia -Syria
Tel: 479530 / 479531
Fax: 478526
Contact Person : Mr. Kamal Ismail Al-Assad - President


Tartous Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Chamber's Address:
P.O. Box 403 , Tartous - Syria
Tel: 221371 / 318119
Fax: 221372
Contact Person : Eng . Abdulrazzak Mansour - President


Der Ezzor Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Chamber's Address:
De Ezzor - Syria
Tel: 222091 / 222906
Fax: 222091
Contact Person : Mr. Bashir Toumah - President


Raqqa Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Chamber's Address:
Raqqa - Syria
Tel: 2342110
Fax; 235218
Contact Person : Mr. Hamoud Alogaili - President


Edleb Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Founded in 1961 , the Chamber represents private and public sectors tries to strengthen the links between the members of the general assembly and the management authorities to settle all disputes which may arise.

The tasks entrusted to the Chamber are:

  • Participating in all board and bureau meetings of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, meetings of businessmen board as well as Arab and Foreign delegations.
  • Submitting proposals related to trade and merchants.
  • Participating in marketing events held in Idleb Governorate and taking part in all national events.
  • Participating in tax committee
  • Participating in International Market and Exhibitions Co.

Chamber's Address:
Edleb - Syria
Tel: 235744
Fax: 238744
Contact Person : Mr. Hamdo Seifo – President


Al-Hasakah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Chamber's Address:
P.O. Box 243
Tel: 221645 / 311506
Fax: 311842
Contact Person : Mr. Anton Abedlaki – President


Sweida Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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The Chamber is a public-welfare organization enjoys the status of legal person whose target is to serve commercial interests .

The Board of Directors: responsible for all tasks and activities of the Chamber and consists of 12 members. The general assembly elects by secret bellots two third of the board and the Ministry of Supply appoints the other third. The board term is four years and it is convened one per month.

The Bureau: is athorized to run the daily work of the Chamber and carry out the resolutions passed by the board.

The number of members including individuals and companies upto 31/12/97 is around 3000 .

Tasks entrusted to the Chamber :

  • Issuance of certificates of origin
  • Attesting invoices of goods, commercial documents and gaurantees.
  • Approving of the authenticity of the members signatures and stamps.
  • Naming experts and arbitrators to settle the commercial disputes.
  • Preparing records of prices of items and commodities.
  • Offering information and data on laws and regulations related to economic and financial affairs.

Chamber's Address:
Sweida - Syria
Tel: 234585
Fax: 232512
Contact Person : Mr. Chafiq Abo Hamdan – President


Dar’aa Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Dara’a Chamber of Commerce & Industry renders services to all members in Dara’a Governorate and tries to

relieve some taxes imposed on merchants.

The Chamber is a shareholder to Hamas National Oil Co.

Chamber's Address:
Dar’aa - Syria
Fax: 253452
Contact Person: Mr. Mr. Abdulkarim Al-Khalili – President


Al-Qounaitra Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chamber's Address:
Damascus - Syria
Tel: 2247186 / 2229644
Fax: 2228794
Contact Person : Mr. Anwar Al-Kasem - President

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