Egyptian International Trade Point

About EITP

  • A Member of world trade point federation (WTPF) & the technical director of Arabian trade point federation (ATPF).
  • An Egyptian center for promoting Egyptian products.
  • A technology center for providing trade opportunities through international information networks.
  • A technology center for Trade facilitation providing required data for implementing trade operations.
  • A center for Spreading and applying E-commerce.
  • A center for preparing economic bulletin & studies to help businessmen in decision making.
  • A center for providing required data for SME’s.
  • A center for interacting cooperation between Arabian and world trade points.
  • A center for interacting cooperation between local, regional & international organization.


  • Creating new markets for Egyptian products & developing Egyptian exports by using information technology & electronic communications.
  • Reducing trade operations costs by providing required data about trade facilities.
  • Publication and applying E- commerce between businessmen.
  • Enhancing SME’s role in world trade.
  • Achieving latest world progress in economic and trade fields.

International Network:
EITP provides services for businessmen, investors and SME’s through the following world networks:

  • World Trade Point federation network WTPF (126 trade point) in 81 country through WTPFed.
  • IATIN (14 Arabian trade point).
  • ATFP network.
  • ECS network.
  • ITC network.
  • EITP networks.
  • Other networks.

Services and Activities:
Promotion for Egyptian products service:
EITP provides these services through:

  • Electronic networks.
  • Electronic catalogue distributed on CD.
  • Participating in international fairs and through electronic mail.
  • Video conference.

Trade opportunity services:

Providing trade opportunities (exporting – importing – investments) to be distributed among Egyptian businessmen.

Trade Facilitation data services:

These services are provided for businessmen in the form of data & information about:

  • Transportation (Air – Marine – land) – packing &packaging – Standardization – customs – Regulations – Banks and insurance.
  • Foreign Trade statistics.
  • Commodities prices for importers and exporters.

E-Commerce services:

  • Providing an Electronic Market (B2B) permit for businessmen allover the world to share in developing trade exchange by opening new markets for exchanging services and products, It includes (data of registered companies, tenders, promotion of products, providing trade opportunities – follow up system for users).
  • Establishing homepages for productive organizations and linking them by the EITP web site.
  • Establishing email for SME’s.
  • Preparing electronic catalogues for high quality specialized productive sectors as one of electronic marketing mechanism.
  • Training & Workshops: Training Businessmen for using and applying E-commerce and holding Workshops for interacting E-commerce role.

Other services :

SME’s Services:
EITP provides required data for SME’s beginning from establishing until marketing for their products.

Developing exports awareness:
Participation in conferences and seminars for discussing the nature of exports operation.
Issuing guide directories for developing the exports awareness.
Enhancing the awareness of Exports importance through different fields of mass communication.

Sub-Trade Points Locations:

Businessmen, Fair Ground-Nasser City-Cairo
Telephone: 00202 22607849
Fax: 00202 22607849

25 Horya st, - El Raml Station -Alexandria
Telephone: 00203 4957589/90/91
Fax: 00203 4932594
Postal office: 1094 Manshia
E-Mail:  -
Web site:

Kafr El-Shiekh
Al Gomhoria Street - Banzun Building - Kafr El Shiekh - Egypt
Telephone: 002047 238425
Fax: 002047 238426
E-Mail:  -

10th of Ramadan
10th Of Ramadan-Investor Association Building Bank - Sector-Facing Kafraway
Telephone: 002015 374412/374413/363655
Fax: 00215 363655
Web Site:

6th of October
Sixth of October City, Sixth area, near the electronic central
Telephone: 00202 38339038 / 38339058 / 38339036
Fax: 00202 38339058

Mohamed Ali St., - Governate Building - Second Floor
Telephone: 002064 920440-913255
Fax: 002064 920440

Port Said
Building Of General Organization for Import & Export Control -2nd Floor
Telephone/Fax: 002066 3325527

75 El-Guish st., 5th floor, Tanta
Tel: 002040 3307952 / 3307836
Fax: 002040 3307874

Badr City - Investor Association Building
Tel: 00202 8640693-6
Fax: 00202 8640695

68 at 26 July St. Assiut, Egypt
Tel: 002088 2356593
Fax: 002088 2356589

Beni Suef
19 Port Saeid St, El-Horya Tower, 5th Floor, Beni Suef, Egypt
Tel: 002082 2353946
Fax: 002082 2353949
Email:  -

Koum Oushem, El-Fayoum
Tel: 002084 6210124-125
Fax: 002084 6210122

Abd El-Salam Aref Street, Commerce chamber building, El-Mansoura
Tel: 002050 2306711 – 2306711/12
Fax: 002050 2306711 - 2306712
Email:  -