Export Import Promotion Board

The Export Import Promotion Board (formerly Export Promotion Council) was established in 30/6/1997 with the following main objectives:

  • Monitor and coordinate the relation between foreign trade (Export / Import) and production sectors (Industry, Agriculture, Livestock, and Maritime products).

  • Improve the Country's balance of trade through promoting Non-Oil exports.

  • Draw down plan & take necessary measures to face international competition and coordinate with national and international organizations in this regard.

  • Organizing local trade fairs for imported goods as well as participating in international trade fairs to introduce the Country's national goods and promote Libyan exports.

  • Making the necessary rules to secure free movement of exported / imported goods and issuing the required licenses therefor. Classifying the exported goods as per international standards and prices.

  • Suggest execution mechanisms of trade policies; give opinion upon endorsing or modifying of tariffs and upon ratifying bilateral trade agreement between Libya and other countries.

  • Participate in monitoring the exports / imports of consumable goods.

  • Subscribe to national, regional, and international foreign trade organizations, and cooperate with similar organization in partner countries in regards to exchanging of information in order to promote Libyan exports.

  • Train the national human resources and enhance their capacities in suggesting technical specifications and standards for exported / imported goods.

  • Issue the export & import licenses, monitor the local market and draw down the necessary plans in this regard.

For more information about EIPB, please contact:
Export & Import Promotion Board
P.O. Box: 3593 - Zip Code : 20197/20180
Tel : (21821) 4442640 / 4807037/38/39
Fax: (21821) 4808704 / 4802949
E-Mail: khalil300@hotmail.com
General Manager: Mohamed Al-Taher Sayalah
Coordinator: Mr. Ahmad Ammar Khalil - Mrs.: Suad Baltamr