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Trade Information Unit

Functionl Statement:

  • Supervises & issues licenses for commercial exhibitions and trade fairs and conferences

  • Participates in the National Joint Committee with the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

  • Participates in trade negotiations between GCC and the EU, GCC and USA as well as with other major economic blocks in the world.

  • Participate the relevant meetings of GCC, Islamic Development Bank, International Development Bank, ESCWA, UNCTAD, UNDP, WTO and other international Islamic, regional and trade related organizations, of which Bahrain is a member, including the various related technical committees of the GCC.

  • Monitors and ensures Bahrain's compliance with WTO notification requirements, and coordinate with other Ministries and concerned parties in Bahrain, where applicable, directly and/or through the national committee for WTO issues, in discussions, and the implementation of, various WTO Agreements

  • Closely monitor various new emerging globalization issues, including electronic commerce.

  • Develops & maintains a database of foreign trade related information to assist commercial enterprises in identifying trade opportunities and for production of analytical studies concerning trade related issues for the purpose of supporting Bahrain's foreign trade development.


  • GCC & Internal Trade Activities:  Mr. Hasan Abdullah Zulaikh, Head of GCC & Internal Trade Activities

  • Foreign Trade & International Organizations: Dr. Waheed Sultan

  • Trade Representation Abroad:Mr. Adnan Salman Almoosawi, Commercial Representative (Geneva)

  • Trade Information Unit:  Ms. Eman Ahmed Al-Doseri, Sr. Information Specialist

Membership of International Organizations:

Members in the GCC, Arab League, Islamic Conference Organization, ESCWA, UNDP, UNCTAD, WIPO, and WTO.

For more information about Trade Information Unit, please contact:
Trade Information Unit
Directorate of Foreign Trade Relations
Ministry of Commerce
P.O. Box: 5479 Manama
Tel : (973) 531531 - 555633
Fax: (973) 530455
General Manager: Mr. Abdel Razek Zinel Abdeen
                                 Director, Directories of Trade Relations
Coordinator          : Mrs. Iman Ahmed Al_dosery
                                  Mr. Hisham Al Arrayed