Protection of Property Rights

As Yemen prepares for WTO accession, the government must improve IPR laws and practices. In short, Yemen has an adequate copyright law (Law 19/1994). It is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) but has not acceded to any international IPR conventions. Yemen is in the process of revising its IPR laws under WIPO guidance to meet international standards.

The WTO General Council accepted Yemen’s application to join the WTO in 2000. As a next step in the accession process, Yemen presented to the WTO a memorandum of foreign trade regime on 2002. Yemen is currently responding to questions raised by members of the WTO regarding issues such as IPR, environment, and commercial laws. Within this framework, Yemen is working to ensure that its laws are TRIPS-compliant and moving closer to the international trade community on these issues. In October 2005, a delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade attended a WTO session in Geneva, Switzerland and discussed the above mentioned issues. In October 2007, a delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade again attended a WTO session in Geneva and discussed with the working group issues related to IPR and commercial laws in Yemen.