Packing, Marking & Labeling

Any foodstuff or pharmaceutical products coming to Yemen must have the production and expiry date printed clearly on the package to enter the country. Otherwise, GCC and international standards are followed.

Goods should be packed securely to withstand rough handling and pilferage to ensure the safe arrival of goods at their destination, packages should be of sturdy construction, properly supported, preferably on the inside, and banded on the outside with steel strapping, exporters should consult with their customers in Yemen concerning any special packing requirements.

A mark or origin (e.g., "made in (country name)") must appear on any merchandise labeled with English wording that could possibly by considered misleading as to the true origin of the goods.

Food product, labels should indicate the descriptive name of the product; the list of ingredients, including food additives, in descending order by weight; the name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer or distributor; net weight or volume in metric unites; and instructions for storage and use, when applicable .in addition, the following details may be required in a new market: country- of- origin information, product expiration date, percentage of major product ingredients special food additive codes, and nutrition information based on the destination country’s regulations.

There are no regulations stipulating how shipments must marked, and any sound shipping practice may be followed .it is advisable, however, for packages to show the consignee’s mark, including port mark and numbers, unless contents of the packages are readily identifiable without numbers.