Advertising Media & Trade Promotion

Yemen has three television channels. Two are state-run television channels based in Sanaá and Aden. The third TV channel is a private one broadcasting from Cairo. Yemen also has six individual AM Radio broadcasters: Sana'a Radio, Aden Radio, Ta'izz Radio, Mukalla Radio, Hodeidah Radio, and Sayoun Radio. Yemen TV transmits from Sanaa and can be seen locally and throughout the Arab world. Channel Two transmits from Aden for local viewers only. Most programs are in Arabic, but there is one nightly newscast in English. Sanaa University is preparing to launch the first-ever independent channel with programming directed at youth. The university has completed setting up studios for the new channel and provided it with a professional cadre and necessary equipment.

The Public Corporation for Radio and Television offers two pricing schedules for media advertisements, differentiating between locally-manufactured domestic products and imported ones.

Television is one of the primary marketing and communications media, while the market for print advertisements is comparatively small. The daily newspaper circulation for non-government papers is on average 20,000 to 40,000 issues. Government newspapers, distributed free of charge throughout many ministries. Newspaper advertising rates depend on page space, and rates vary between daily and weekly papers. Official newspapers offer special rates for locally-manufactured domestic products of a foreign company.

Following are contact addresses for Yemen's leading daily and weekly newspapers:

Al-Thawra (Arabic official daily)
P.O. Box 1475 or 2195, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-321-528/ thru 533, Advertising: 967-1-274-038
Fax: 967-1-274-035 Fax: 967-1-274-035 or 967-1-332-505
E-mail: ; or

Al-Gumhurriyah (Arabic official daily)
P.O. Box 6604, Taiz, Republic of Yemen
Fax: 967-4-230-953

14th October (Arabic official daily)
P.O. Box 5487, Ma'alla, Aden, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-2-242-660, Advertising: 967-2-241-186/247-297
Fax: 967-2-241-193/242-301/ 241-764

Al-Ayyam (Arabic Independent daily)
P.O. Box 648, Crater, Aden, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-2-255-170/254-135 or 967-1-449-733
Fax: 967-2-255-692 or 967-1-449-722

26th September (weekly, issued by the Ministry of Defense)
P.O. Box 17, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-262-626, 282-626
Fax: 967-1-274-139

Yemen Times (Independent English bi-weekly)
P.O. Box 2579, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-268-661/2/3, Advertising 264-253
Fax: 967-1-268-276

Yemen Observer (Independent English weekly)
P.O. Box 19183, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-203-393
Fax: 967-1-207-239
E-mail:; or

Below is a list of the local advertising agencies:

P.O. Box 19038, Sanaa Republic Of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-240-455
Fax: 967-1-240-460

Mass Advertising
P.O. Box 5302, Taiz Republic Of Yemen
Tel : 967-4-218-086
Fax: 967-4-218-086

Vidcom Advertising
P.O. Box 7042, Sanaa Republic Of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-208-910
Fax: 967-1-208-910

Sscom Advertising & Marketing
P.O. Box 1289, Al Muthahar Building Sanaa, Republic Of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-206-283
Fax: 967-1-207-777

Vision Advertising & Marketing
P.O. Box 25159, Sanaa Republic Of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-218-142
Fax: 967-1-209-940