Major Banks

Central Bank of Syria
Sabi Bahrat Square,Damascus
Tel: 2216800/1/212438
Fax: 2213076

Commercial Bank of Syria
Yousef Al-Azmeh Square, Damascus
Tel: 2218890/1
Fax: 2216975

Popular Credit Bank
Maysaloon St, Engineers Bldg, Damascus
Tel: 2227604/2218376/2215752

Cooperative Agricultural Bank
Joumhoriah St,Nana'a Garden, Damascus
Tel: 2213461/2/2221393/2221485
Fax: 2241261

Industrial bank
Maysaloon St, engineers Bldg, Damascus
Tel: 2228200
Fax: 2228412

Realestate Bank
Shouhada square, Fourat St, Damascus
Tel: 2218602/3/2225818
Fax: 4419171