Free Trade Zones

The Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Co. (SFZ)
The Sudanese Free Zones (SFZ) is one of Pioneering Economic Institutions in the country. It is one of the companies which guarantees freedom of capital movement and provides suitable investment climate for both the local and foreign investors. It is one of basic pillars of Sudanese Liberalization Policy.

The Sudanese Free Zones & Markets Co. was established in 1993 to adopt, enhance and implement the Free Zones concept in Sudan in addition it its commitment to a wide range of Duty Free Business & Exhibition Industry.

The Red Sea Free Zone:
Located at a focal point connecting the port of Sudan, Port Sudan international Airport, Khartoum-Port Sudan Highway and Suakin Harbour, a 26 sq. km, coastal area at the Red Sea has been planned as the Red Sea Free Zone. The RSFZ is now prepared to host all kinds of investment activities. The inclusive planning of this area is very much qualified to host:

  • Free Zone Port

  • Infrastructure Investment Projects

  • Multi-economic activities

  • Exports Processing Industries

  • Industries and Assembling investments

  • Banking and Insurance activities

  • A wide range of related services/investments

Al Gaila Free Zone
Located (60) km. north of Khartoum (Capital of Sudan). This area is allotted and is now being planned to cover (20) sq. km. This area is significant since it is:

  • Located within a fast economic booming circle accessed to the country's main Oil Refinery Station.

  • Linked with active business and industrial communities in Khartoum, the heart of the nation's economy.

  • Well connected with traffic networks of air, highways and railways extending beyond Sudan's boundaries into the African markets.

Investment Guarantees
Sudan is a signatory to the conventions on Arbitration and Investment Guarantees and is a member of:
a) The Arab Agency for Investment Guarantees,
b) The International Agency for Investment Guarantees.

The Sudanese Free Zones Act of 1994 stipulates:

  • No property, assets, funds or other possessions are subject to nationalization or confiscation.

  • The right of IMPORT EXPORT DATA and profits at any stage of duly met obligations.

Incentive & Facilities

  • 100% ownership.

  • 100% IMPORT EXPORT DATA & profits.

  • No personal income tax

  • No corporate tax for 12 years renewable.

  • No currency restriction

  • No restrictions on entry & stay permits.

  • Cost effective labor supply.

  • Freedom of labor recruitment.

  • Abundant & cost effective raw material and production resources.

Major SFZ Activities

Import of varied commodities and goods for wholesale and retail distribution through the duty free and other outlets and shops in all major towns of Sudan.

Managing a Bond Area
Export of raw material and other Sudanese products such as: groundnuts, sesame and other oil seeds. cotton, wood products, water-melon seeds, vegetables & fruits, edible oils, animal fodder, meat and livestock.

Fairs and Exhibitions:
Organizing of local and international fairs including the annual International Fair of Khartoum in addition to participation and representation in fairs organized abroad.

Hotels and Catering:
To build and manage hotels and recreation facilities and to provide various catering services.

Fairs and Exhibitions
The SFZ Fair Grounds was opened early in 1978 and is considered as one of the best exhibition facilities in Africa and the Middle East. SFZ was able to organize outstanding international and local exhibitions during the year.

The Fair Location:
The 475,000 square meters Fair Grounds lies on the western bank of the Blue Nile in eastern Khartoum. It is about seven kilometers from the city centre and the International Airport, The SFZ main offices are located within the Fair Grounds.

The Pavilions:
The Fair has three pavilions of international standard each with an area of 1800 square meters. Additional covered spaces can be provided at short notice if the need arises. The open exhibition area covers more than 40,000 square meters