Tariff & Non-Tariff Barriers

The Sudanese customs tariff is based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of classification.

Ad Valorem Duties:
Ad valorem duties are based on CIF value which includes the purchase price, transport charges, insurance, commissions, freight and all other expenses incurred in shipping the goods to the port of entry.

Specific duties:
Specific duties are applied alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Dutiable weight is the net weight except for gasoline, on which duties are assessed by the metric ton.

Preferential duties:
Preferential treatment exists between Sudan, Egypt and Jordan for some products. Sudan is also member of the Great Arab Free Trade Area as well as the COMESA organization.

The Lome convention, which links the European countries with African, Caribbean and Pacific developing countries including Sudan, provides for preferential entry of ACP goods into the EU countries.

Customs surcharges and indirect taxes: Quay duties are assessed at Port Sudan on all goods unloaded from any ship or transferred from one ship to another.

Consumption taxes are collected for the import of some products. Taxes are specific and apply to a variety of products including alcohol and preparations including alcohol, shoes, tobacco and soaps.

A royalty is levied on ivory, gum, hides, cattle, peanuts, and manganese ore.

Special Provisions:
Defense tax is not levied on petroleum and petroleum products, wheat and wheat flour, pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, insecticides, and selected inputs.