Trade Policy

The Ministry of Business and Trade pays a lot of attention to stimulate all sectors of economic activity; lay down the bases of economic freedom, fair competition and transparency; achieve commercial openness and enhance international cooperation. The Ministry works to prepare a favorable investment atmosphere to attract local and foreign capitals and increase the confidence of investors in the worth of the Qatari economy. It seeks to encourage the private sector and remove obstacles that oppose its marsh; simplify company establishment procedures; develop financing and insurance services and markets; protect the intellectual property, trade marks and patents and participate in international exhibitions and markets.

The Ministry of Business and Trade is responsible to:
Develop programs necessary to execute policies related to development of business and trade sector, monitor business activity and provide guidelines and directions in line with national development requirements, propose and implement policies and programs that aim at attracting investments, support and develop exports, develop measures and channels used to provide public services to business and investment sector, monitor commercial professional practices, record and register investment and commercial establishments and corporations, issue licenses required to operate, regulate and control local markets, take necessary measures and arrangements to protect consumer and combat commercial fraud, protect competitiveness and prevent monopoly practices, and monitor implementation of policies related to tourism, exhibitions, transportation and telecommunications.

The Ministry also prepares the internal legislation for trade systems, supervises the conduct of economic and commercial activity and undertakes the conclusion of bilateral, regional and international commercial as well as economic cooperation agreements. The Ministry is composed of the following departments: Economic Affairs Department; Commercial Affairs Department; Specification, Measures And Consumer Protection Department; Administrative and Financial Affairs Department; Cooperation Department and Planning and Follow-Up Unit. Qatar became the 121st member in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), presently known as the World Trade Organization (WTO).