Packing, Marking & Labeling

Starting the 15th of January 1999, all products imported to Palestine (through Israeli ports or the passages to Jordan or Egypt) are to be labeled in Arabic, in accordance with the standards requirements of the Ministry of Economy and Trade and other relevant ministries.

All importers who sign a pledge that declares the destination of the product to be PA areas need not comply with the Hebrew labeling requirements.

If the product being imported is not labeled in Arabic, then the importer will be required to place a bank guarantee which will be held by the customs authority until a check is conducted by the Ministry of Economy and Trade to confirm compliance with the Palestinian Labeling requirements. If any Israeli authority places a requirement for Hebrew labeling on any product being imported to Palestine, then the importer is requested to inform the Palestinian Ministry of Economy and Trade (Israel Desk) at ++972-2-2981214/5/6/7/8. Fax. ++972-2-2981207/10.