Trade Policy

Oman's economy is based on the free economy concept where competition, free markets and price mechanism concepts prevail. The market economy remains the main focus of Oman's strategy since its modern renaissance and the state encourages and supports the private sector enterprises. 

New trade and investment laws have been framed, providing better degrees of vitality and flexibility to contain the international developments so as to serve the interests of the Omani economy regionally and internationally.

The Omani government supports the private sector to provide appropriate climate to launch the private sector enterprises and to stimulate trade and investment activities, through many policies and incentives

The future vision of Oman's private sector calls for giving special attention to human resource development 

  • To enable them to interact with advanced technology and to manage the technological change.

  • Developing managerial, technical and financial capabilities of the Omanis to enable them to boost their initiatives.

  • To increase their connections and effectiveness with the international economy. 

  • Encouraging and directing Omanis towards self employment and individual enterprises through introducing international subjects in the teaching curricula that will help to achieve this policy.