Economic Trends

The best market opportunities for investors are in the oil, gas, mineral, fishing and tourism industries.

Mauritania's oil and gas sector offers major opportunities for foreign contractors and suppliers. Exploratory drilling has revealed significant deposits of oil and gas both onshore and offshore of Mauritania.

Iron ore production and export is the largest source of revenue for the state.  Exploration has shown important signs of mineral deposits. In 2006, copper production began and gold production will follow shortly. The Government continues to grant licenses to foreign companies for mineral research and exploration.

Seafood is one of Mauritania’s most important exports. The Mauritanian Exclusive Economic Zone contains some of the world’s richest fishing grounds.

Tourism is another growing sector. Tour operators may find good opportunities in Mauritanian with its peaceful desert and beautiful beaches.

Future infrastructure projects include a joint project with the Government of Senegal to construct a bridge over the Senegal River. There are also infrastructure opportunities for companies engaged in mineral prospecting, electrical equipment and power generation, waterworks, and information technology.

Mauritania's new investment code is intended to encourage foreign investment and joint ventures, and the government has been keen to find foreign companies interested in mineral prospecting and participation in the various privatization programs. Projects funded by international financial institutions (IFIs) also offer opportunities in the areas of construction, irrigation, communications, and consulting.