Advertising Media & Trade Promotion

There are few qualified advertising agencies in Mauritania. What advertising exists is done in Arabic and French through newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. However, as stated above, most buyers do not read newspapers or magazines. For those companies and distributors that are interested in using newspapers to advertise their products, there are several options. There are currently about 30 newspapers published in Mauritania, although only a dozen are published with regularity, and only two private newspapers are published daily. The most prominent newspapers are as follows:

Journal HORIZONS (French version) and CHAAB (Arabic version) (Official)
B.P. 467
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel : (222) 525-5883
Fax: (222) 525-3170 or 525-4587
Mr. Mohamed Ould Hamady, Director

LE CALAME (Arabic and French versions)
B.P. 1059
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Fax: (222) 525-7555

B.P. 6227
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel : (222) 525-4492
Fax: (222) 525-0209 

L’Eveil Hebdo
B.P. 387
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel & Fax: (222) 525-6714

Nouakchott Info (private daily, Arabic and French versions)
B.P. 1905
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel : (222) 525-0271
Fax: (222) 525-5484

Le Journal
Tel : (222) 630-5339

Ilot T, Tevragh Zeina
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel & Fax: (222) 525-9962

B.P. 5310
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel : (222) 529-1983
Fax: (222) 525-0407