Advertising Media & Trade Promotion

Lebanon has become a regional center for the advertising industry. Lebanon enjoys a sophisticated domestic audience and a thriving media sector. There are nine television stations, 14 newspapers, over 30 magazines and many radio stations.

Television remains the favored medium of advertising and captures half of the market. Other mediums include print, billboards, radio and cinema.

There are many Arabic-language dailies in Lebanon, as well as the English-language Daily Star and the French-language L'Orient Le Jour. Most newspapers have websites displaying the latest news on Lebanon. Naharnet is a web portal offering updated political and business information and links.

There are numerous trade fair authorities that organize exhibitions in Lebanon. They include International Fairs and Promotion, Promofair, BIEL Center and Hospitality Services.

Major business magazines are the English-language Lebanon Opportunities, Executive Magazine, Today’s Outlook and Arab Ad, the French-language Le Commerce du Levant and the Arabic-language Business Week, Al-Iktissad Wal Amal and Al-Mourakeb Al-Inmaii.