Packing, Marking & Labeling

Labels stating the country of origin must be shown on all imported goods in such a manner that it cannot be removed or altered. The information appearing on the label must conform to the information listed in the shipping documentation If it were impossible to label a product i.e. a piece of fruit, a label affixed to the package, container or can would be sufficient. If the product contains components from more than one country, the percentage of each countries components to the overall finished product should be noted.

Special Labels
Chemicals: Chemicals imported into Kuwait must be labeled with the product name, application, ingredients (active), percentages of components and composition, United Nations’ CAS-NO, side effects, storage/handling/hazmat instructions, environmental and occupational safety health risk, poison control and disposal instructions.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical products must be labeled with the batch or lot number, production date, expiration date, content description, storage information, usage information, indications and contra indications for use, and reference to the pharmacopoeia standards used.

Food Products: Labels must show the product and brand name; origin of any animal fats; batch number; ingredients in descending order of proportion; additives; net contents in metric units; date of production; date of expiration; name and address of manufacturer/packer; country of origin; storage/preparation/handling instructions; and nutritional information where applicable All meat and poultry products would need to be labeled that the product was slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Law. Information must be in Arabic, however multi-lingual labels are acceptable.

The outside marking on each package or container should identify the name of the shipper, the name and address of the consignee, the weight of the package, the number of the package if shipped as a part of a bulk shipment, and the country of origin.