Free Trade Zones

Jordan maintains free trade zones at Aqaba, Sahab, Zarqa, Queen Alia International Airport and on the Jordanian Syrian border in addition to 9 Private Free Zones in Quwaira, Aqaba and Qaa’ Khana, Shidiyeh.

The Zarqa free zone
It was established in 1983 at a 35 Km. roads that link-Jordan with the neighbouring countries where the State has allocated for the establishment of this free zone that comprises :

Industrial Investment Sector :
It consists of (50) sectors of an area of 150,000 square meters. 58 industries were licensed including clothes, fire extinguishers, agricultural equipment, marble, vegetable and mineral oils, printing, publication, furniture, pre-fab houses, electric pumps assembling, plastic bags, automotive spare parts, tape recording, building equipment and computer controlled panels. An area of 300,000 square meters have been developed recently and supplied with all infra structure services which are necessary for industrial purposes.

Commercial Investment Sector:
This sector consists of 488 sectors of an area of 1,800,000 square meters. Additionally, the Corporation has established (25) warehouses and spacious yards over paved and prepared areas for general storage purposes whilst the private sector has established about (370) warehouses for the storage of goods on the lands leased thereto.

The Sector comprises (290) small and car exhibitions with a total area of 500,000 square meters.

Sahab Free Zone
An area of 62,000 square meters were allocated at Sahab industrial city for the purpose of serving the industrial investors there and was opened in the second half of 1997.

Queen Alia International Airport Free Zone
An area of 20,000 square meters was allocated for the purpose of serving the transit trade of goods transported by air. Work has started in the first half of 1998 for developing it.

The following goods are prohibited entry in free trade zones: goods originating from countries with which trading is banned; drugs, except those determined by the Ministry of Health to be needed by the local Pharmaceutical industry; rotten or flammable goods as defined by the free zone authority; and radioactive materials unless approved for entry by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Aqaba Special Economic Zone
The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) is the statutory institution empowered with regulatory, administrative, fiscal, and economic responsibilities for the ASEZA. The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law simplifies all procedures, licenses, and approvals enabling the Authority to provide a business-friendly environment from one single location in Aqaba.

ASEZA is deeply committed to creating and preserving Aqaba as a competitive international investment location. ASEZA maintains a streamlined investment environment and encourages private sector participation in all aspects of the Zone's development and operations. This ensures the provision of world-class infrastructure and services to Aqaba's investors, residents, and visitors alike.

ASEZA is genuinely committed to providing:

  • A one-stop investment center that serves as a single point of decision making that will facilitate business start-up and smooth operation;

  • A world-class business environment that maximizes private sector participation in a duty-free, tax-advantaged, and continuously improving investment climate;

  • A model approach to governance and environmentally sustainable development.

For more information, please contact the Free Zones Corporation or the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority at the following addresses:

The Free Zones Corporation
P.O. Box 20036
Amman 11118 Jordan
Tel: +962 5 3826429
Fax: +962 5 3826430

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
P.O. Box 2565,
Aqaba 77110 Jordan
Tel: +962 3 203 5757/8
Fax: +962 3 203 0912