Protection of Property Rights

Protection of IPRs is efficiently enforced in Jordan since a long time. Jordanian IPRs laws are in compliance with international standards, that enabled Jordan to accede to WTO, FTA, as well as, for the purposes of signing the Berne Convention for the protection of Literacy and Artistic rights at 1999, the TRIPs agreement 1994, and he Paris Convention for the protection industrial property. Moreover, a clear example on such enforcement could be sighted in the recent cases that have been filed in local courts, the fact that contributed to removing Jordan from watch list.

Jordan is a member of the Berne Convention since 1999.

Jordanian copyright law according to art 45 does not require registration or any formalities in order to grant protection. Yet, Patents and trademarks laws require registration to grant protection.

It should be noted that if any work has not been recorded at the National Library, a fine shall be imposed, but this penalty shall not affect the protection of this work under copyright law.

The trademark law prevents the registration of any trademark that is similar or identical to already registered one. Moreover, the right holder has the right to oppose the registration application of this similar or identical trademark before the ministry registrar, and if he refuses this opposition, the holder can challenge his rule before the higher court of justice.

Furthermore, the right holder of any trademark has the right to prevent others from using and exploiting his registered trademark without his permission, and if infringement occurs, he has the right to sue them.

The right's holder of patent has the right to prevent others from using or exploiting his patent without his permission.

Under Jordanian Patent Law, both the process and the product itself are protected according to article (2) which identify the patent as an innovative idea in a field whether its related to product or to the process, and also according to article 21 that emphasized on this concept.