Protection of Property Rights

Egypt is a party to the Bern Copyright and Paris Patent Conventions.

However, inadequate protection and enforcement concerns about Egypt's Intellectual Property Right (IPR) regulations The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has established a Cairo anti-piracy office and software publishers are considering a similar move.

The Motion Picture Association recently opened an office in Cairo.

Egypt has moved to improve its IPR regulations and enforcement.


Trademark protection is provided by Law 57 of 1939.

Egypt is a member of the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property of 1883, the Madrid Convention of 1954, and the Nice Convention for the Classification of Goods and Services.

Instances of alleged trademark infringement have been cited frequently by foreign firms operating in Egypt.

Fines amount to less than $100 per seizure, not per infringement. Judgments and enforcement thereof must be made separately in each of the 26 governorates.

Trade Secrets:

Egypt has no specific trade secrets legislation.

Protection of commercially valuable information is possible through contractual agreement between parties. Breach of contractual terms of protection can be remedied in legislative proceedings under either the civil or criminal code, depending on the severity of the damage caused.

Semiconductor Chip Layout Design:

There is no separate legislation protecting semiconductor chip layout design.