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Egyptian organization for standardization and quality control Welcomes visitors to its site which contain activities and services provided by it to participate in Egyptian industrial development by providing Data and different standardization and quality control studies for investors , industrials and decision makers.

Standardization's official application in Egypt started in 1957, when establishing the Egyptian Organization for Standardization was announced according to the presidential decree number 29/1957.

In 1997 the organization's name was modified to (Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control). According to the presidential decree number 392/1979 it was entrusted to test products & materials, and industrial calibrations.

The organization is a governmental body that follows the Ministry Of Industry and Technological Development. The government finances it. About 600 employees; 160 technical experts, 250 executives, and 190 technical and vocational workers work at the organization.

The organization singularly sets, accredits, and issues the Egyptian Standard Specifications, it has the rights to modify or cancel them as well. Specifications setting is done through approximately (90) technical committees, each committee consisting of (10 to 15) members that represent all concerned parties (governmental - research - censorship/surveillance/control - productivity - consumers …etc.).

The number of specifications issued by the organization in 2001 amounts to (4000) specifications as well as (500) specifications projects in preparation. The organization revises regularly all issued specifications according to the International Standards.

Egyptian specifications cover many fields such as Food Industry, Building Materials, Thermal Equipment, Engineering and Electrical Industries, Mining, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries , environmental activities, quality, packing, wrapping, and documentation.

Most of these specifications are optional except for those related to general health, public security, and consumer protection; a ministerial decision issued by the Ministry of Industry to oblige the compliance to these specifications. Obligatory specifications constitute around 15 % of the total number of Egyptian specifications.

In accordance with the state's policy in regards to promoting Egyptian products' quality and enhancing it's image, so as to become competitive, gain the world's trust in foreign markets, as well as to protect and guide the Egyptian consumer, the Quality Control General Department works on achieving this objective through four departments that embrace highly qualified Quality specialists in the fields of food manufacturing, Chemical industries, building material, and textiles Through the following activities:

Egyptian Quality Mark/Stamp
Is an optional system that is implemented upon request from industrial establishments. It gives the producer the licensing right by applying the Quality Mark to his products if it meets the required standard specifications as well as implementing an integrated Production Quality Control system to assert product quality and conformity to standards and required conditions.

Conformity Mark/Stamp
Is an obligatory system that applies to products and merchandise that are mentioned in ministerial binding decisions, through inspecting production instances and verifying their conformity to Egyptian standard specifications after running the required tests and examinations. Conforming instances are released and the conformity mark is applied to them. This system applies to some engineering products and merchandise.

Conformity Certificates
Applies to products and merchandise to illustrate their conformity to the required standard specifications, either by drawing a random sample of the designated product or through samples that the client presents, the required tests and examinations are then demonstrated, the results are studied, and the client is provided with a documentation of the tests results.

In Accordance to decree number 222/1997, factories are licensed to check conformity by them selves. Self-conformity is allowed on merchandise over which related binding ministerial decisions were issued after acquiring a license from the organization if the required technical capabilities are met.

The organization's laboratories are considered amongst the largest laboratories that perform tests on many primary materials, raw materials, and industrial products & merchandise through (20) specialized laboratories in different fields covering all sectors of engineering industries.

The organization's laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and devices. Highly qualified specialists work at the laboratories. The organization's test laboratories singularly run the tests required for Quality Marks/Stamps, Conformity Certificates, Illustrated Data System, as well as equipment accuracy test revision activity that is implemented through correlation tests with other laboratories.

Industrial Calibration
According to its formation decree, the organization is the official body empowered to perform Industrial Calibration activity level (B), as it possesses calibration laboratories to calibrate industrial machinery and equipment in the field of measurements (mechanical, physical, and electrical).

Through the industrial calibration activity, the organization's calibration laboratories regulate the measuring equipment used in laboratories and factories, and revise them according to accredited rules and references of high precision. Such procedures are done on a regular basis to insure accuracy of the equipment and precision of measurements. The organization calibrates its equipment on a regular basis at the National Calibration and Measurement Institute designated to perform reference calibrations level (A).

External Affairs
According to its formation decree, the organization is the official representative of Egypt at International and Regional organizations that work in the domain of standardization.

The organization joined the International Standardization Organization the very same year it was established, i.e. 1957, and is a working member on the Policy Committee and the Conformity Designing Committee. It participates with study and opinion on the DEVCO (developing countries committee), the COPOLCO (consumer policy committee), and the REMCO (revision material committee) on almost 206 international committee. Egyptian delegates participate in Quality Control, Environment, and Information Technology committees.

The organization is a member in many other international and regional organizations and committees

WTO World Trade Organization
EOQ European Organization for Quality
AIDMO Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization

The organization signed 18 cooperation agreements in the field of standardization with most Arabic countries, China, France, and Uganda.

The organization organizes and prepares conferences, seminars, and workshops in the field of Standardization and it's different activities on the national, regional, and international levels.

In the Domain Of Research and Development :
The organization's research and development activity consists in preparation of researches and studies to implement the organization's plans and programs and upgrade its performance, as well as staying up to date with the organizations operations to prepare data, statistics, and reports related to the organization's activities and achievements.

In the Domain of Information :
The organization's activity in the domain of information consists in:
- The Organization's Library

Is considered the only library in Egypt specialized in the field of Standard Specifications and its related publications.

The library has more than (160,000) standard specification in the form of complete groups, among these are (4000) Egyptian standard specification, and standard specifications groups of more than 30 countries and regional and international organizations such as ISO, IEC, CODEX, and AIDMO as well as foreign standardization organizations. The library has also a large collection of catalogues, specification guides, bulletins, and magazines in the field of Standardization and its related activities alongside some references, books, and specialized dictionaries.

Egyptian Specifications Information Center

Provides information concerning standard specifications, quality activities, and other standardization activities through databases dedicated to specifications, quality marks, ministerial decrees, and accredited bodies holding quality control and environment certificates. Quality Marks/Stamps, ministerial decisions, and bodies holding Quality Control & Environment Certificates special databases.

The information center is connected to many other information centers such as the International Standardization Organization's network ISONET, AFRONE, ARSODISNET, and Ministry of Industry's Network. The center is connected to the Internet as well.

The center pursues through study and opinion works of the JTCI, and on the Arabic level it participates by attending the Computer Arabic language standardization committee.






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