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Egypt-Open for Business

The Ministry of Investment manages a portfolio of companies that are currently being offered for sale under the government’s program to transfer assets from public control to the private sector. There are opportunities as well to form joint partnerships with existing companies. The Ministry has a team of advisors to help you.

The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) can offer advice to the would-be business owner in Egypt, whether based in Egypt or abroad.

They can provide information on the size of specific markets, the companies serving those markets and their potential for growth.

They can also put you in touch with business people, trade and commercial organizations that can help you.

Pyramids Smart Village provides a high tech environment for IT companies to set up offices in Egypt. Located on a 300-acre park between outside of Cairo on the highway to Alexandria, the Smart Village provides a state-of-the-art infrastructure catering to every company's business needs.

The Smart Village offers superior Internet connection and a myriad of technological and administrative services, all designed to make the village an oasis for seamless IT business practices.

The village includes not just office buildings, but also a conference centre, exhibition hall, reception centre, business centre, hotel and apartments, shopping centre and restaurants and recreational facilities.

The most prominent building in the Village is the Conference Centre whose futuristic design is inspired by the image of communications satellites. There are 54 office buildings ranging in size from 1000 to 4,000 square meters. Any company in the IT and Telecommunications sector can rent office spare or buy land and build their own offices in the Smart Village.

Companies locating in the Village receive a 10-year tax exemption, as well as a number of other benefits provided under the investment Law 8 of 1997. For more information visit the Pyramids Smart Village online at: www.smart-villages.com

Business Registration, Licenses and Permits

Starting up is easy

If you are thinking about establishing a business or have an idea you would like to discuss, the Ministry of Investment can help you and point you in the right direction.

We can offer you advice and put you in touch with experts and people with quality information to help you and see if your idea qualifies for  some financial support.

You can go to a One Stop Shop in Egypt to start setting up your business. The procedures will only take a few days, possibly as little as 72 hours.

The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) assists people in a variety of ways and acts on their behalf with related government agencies to provide:

  • All licenses required for the establishment and operation of a project are procured by GAFI on behalf of the person starting a business e.g notarization of related deeds, issuance of residence permit and work permits.
  • GAFI assists in site selection and land acquisition – whether for agricultural, industrial or tourist activities.
  • GAFI certifies the dates of production commencement and helps you to take full advantage of the tax holiday granted according to location.

For more information contact gafi-info@gafinet.org

Foreign Businesses

Contact an Egyptian Embassy or consulate with

  • An application to the head of Investment Commercial Registration.
  • A photocopy of the company’s constitution.
  • A copy of the company resolution to assign a manager for a branch in Egypt.
  • A declaration by the company that there has not been a previous branch in Egypt.
  • A bank certificate proving transfer in hard currency equal to LE 5000
  • A copy of the possession or lease contract for the place  of business, or the contracting contract approval.
  • The approvals of the concerned ministry according to the company's activity and the ministry of supply.
  • An Arabic version of the documents should be endorsed by Egyptian Embassy.

Egypt grants legitimate foreign nationals the right to temporary residence. Special residence is usually granted for a period of 10 years, renewable. Special residence is granted to those born in Egypt prior to 26/5/1952 or those having resided in the country for the 20 years preceding 26/5/1952 and whose stay has been uninterrupted; it is also granted to their wives and minor children. 

Ordinary residence: is granted for a period of either 3 or 5 years.