Executive Summary

Bahrain's almost $21.3 billion (2010) GDP economy has been growing four to five percent per year for the last five years. Its population of 1.2 million enjoys a per capita income estimated at $17,750. The Government of Bahrain has kept its price inflation low and its currency stable (the Bahraini Dinar is pegged at .377 to one U.S. dollar).

Bahrain offers a number of advantages as a business or investment destination. In addition to widely spoken English, the openness of a centuries old trade-based culture is readily palpable. Other advantages include: a no personal or corporate taxation, no restriction on capital or profit repatriation, foreign company ownership of land, a modern infrastructure, and duty free access to members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In general, establishing a business presence in Bahrain is relatively straightforward. Firms may be 100 percent foreign-owned, but companies wishing to produce for the local market must have majority Bahraini ownership. The government is actively seeking to increase foreign direct investment in Bahrain.