Tariff & Non-Tariff Barriers

The Algerian customs tariff includes the positions and the sub-positions of the customs classification of the harmonized system (HS) as well as the national sub-positions established according to the standards fixed by this classification and the quotas of the right applicable to the sub-positions.

Specific information on import tariff rates can be found (in French) at:

Trade Barriers
Algeria applies a value-added tax (VAT) to all sales in the country. The VAT rates are 7 percent and 17 percent, depending on the product. Staples such as bread or milk are not subject to VAT. The reduced rate of 7 percent is applied to most non-luxury goods.

Customs Contact Information
Information on Algerian customs requirements can be found (in French) at


Temporary Entry
Equipment and machinery brought into Algeria temporarily for the purpose of a specific project or exhibition are exempt from payment of customs duties and taxes. To obtain waivers, importers must fill out a customs form and present it to the authorities when the goods are re-exported. In January 1998, Algeria ratified the Istanbul Convention related to Temporary Entry through presidential decree No 98-03.