Basic Data

Area : 2 381 741 Km2 .
Population : 40,263,711 (July 2016 est.)
Population Growth Rate : 1.77% (2016 est.)
Religion : Islam
Government System : Presidential Pluralist Democracy
Languages : Arabic (official national language), French, Tmazight.
Weight & measures : Metric system
Principal Main Cities : Algiers (Capital), Oran, Annaba, Constantine, Setif, Tlemcen, Béjaïa, Tizi-ouzou.
Currency : Algerian Dinar (DA) divided into 100 centimes, 1 $ US = 110.1 (2016 est.)
Climate : Mediterranean
Working hours : The business hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
However, banks, financial institutions and the administrations dealing with the public are open from Sunday to Thursday. Banks are open from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Direct Dial Country Code : (213), Algiers (021), Annaba (038), Oran (041), Constantine (031), Setif (036), Tlemcen (043), Béjaïa (034).
Holidays : January 1: New year., May 1: Labor day., July 5: Independence day, November 1: Revolution day, The 1st an the 2nd day of Aïd –El-Fitr, The 1st and 2nd day of Aïd-El-Adha, Achoura, 1er Mouharram, Mowlid Ennabawi
Principal Imports : Capital goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods.
Principal Exports : Petroleum, natural gas, and petroleum products 97%, iron ore, cork and leather hides.
Time Differential : GMT + 1 hour


Travel requirements and visa regulations
Foreign nationals are required to obtain an entry visa from the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Algeria. It is recommended to check if this requirement is not applicable, on the basis of the reciprocity, to foreign nationals whose respective country had agreed to do so to Algerian nationals.

Single entry or business visas to Algeria for one month take 2-3 days to obtain from Algerian Embassies throughout the world. Three passport photos are required and a specified fee. The visa can be renewed in Algeria. applications must be accompanied by an invitation or reservation from a hotel.

Visa is required to enter Algeria. Travelers should clearly stipulate the intended date of entry and planned duration of stay on their applications. A letter of invitation from an Algerian business or government agency is usually required.

Standard Documents:

  1. Two application forms fully completed and signed by the applicant. Incorrect information will result in refusal of visa application
  2. Original Passport and (one photocopy) valid for at least 6 months.
  3. Two recent passport size photographs (to be attached to each application)
  4. A letter from your current employer (for business and work visa)
  5. Other nationalities a company letter and photocopy of a valid work permit
  6. For those who have already visited Algeria please provide a photocopy of the previous visa
  7. Additional documents or visa type

A: Tourist Visa

  • Accommodation Certificate duly certified by Local Authorities in Algeria (Certificat d'hebergement legalisť par l'APC ).
  • Or a confirmation of a Hotel booking.
  • Or invitation from an Algerian Travel Agency
  • Confirmed return ticket

If you are planning to visit southern Algeria (Sahara), please provide itinerary details including approximate dates and cities to be visited, as well as an invitation from an Algerian Travel Agency.

B: Family Visit

  • Accommodation certificate duly certified by Local Authorities in Algeria ( Certificat d'hebergement legalisť par l'APC), if the Algerian spouse is not registered at the Embassy..
  • Copy of the Consular Registration Card of the Algerian spouse.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate.

Notice: For minors:
Should either hold individual passports (whenever possible) or be on the parent's passport.

C: Business Visa (Short Stay) Holders of a Business Visa are not allowed to work

  • Invitation or sponsorship letter from a company based in Algeria.
  • letter from your own company or mission order

There are no customs duties for used personal effects of foreign nationals. Limited quantities of tobacco, alcohol, perfumes and gifts may be brought in duty free. All valuable personal items including electrical goods, jewelers, cameras, video cameras, etc. should be recorded on the Currency Declaration Form on entry as there have been instances where visitors who have neglected to do so have had their personal effects confiscated upon departure.

On arrival in Algeria, foreign currency must be declared to the customs authorities. It is prohibited to bring weapons, drugs, obscene literature and films as well as the Algerian currency.

Algerian customs authorities encourage the use temporary admission of professional equipment, commercial samples, and/or goods for exhibitions and fair purposes.