Chapter 04:

Dairy Produce; Birds Eggs; Honey and Other Edible Animal Products

0401 Milk and cream, not concentrated or sweetened
040110 Milk and cream, nt concntrd, nt sweetd, nov 1% fat
040120 Milk/cream nt cnctrd/swt, fat content ov 1% nov-6%
040130 Milk & cream, not concntrd/swtn, fat content ov 6%
0402 Milk and cream, concentrated or sweetened
040210 Mlk & crm, cntd, swt, powdr, gran/solids, nov 1.5% fat
040221 Mlk/cream cnctrd nt swtn pwd/oth solids ov 1.5% fa
040229 Mlk & crm, cntd, swtnd, powdr/solids, over 1.5% fat
040291 Milk and cream, concentrated, not sweetened, nesoi
040299 Milk and cream, concentrated, sweetened, nesoi
0403 Buttermilk, curdled milk and cream, yogurt, kephir, fermented or acidified milk and cream, whether or not flavored
040310 Yogurt, w/n sweetened, flavored or cntg fruit/coco
040390 Buttermilk/kephir/curdled fermntd acidfd mlk & crm
0404 Whey & other milk products, flavored or not
040410 Whey, whether or not concentrated or sweetened
040490 Products of natural milk constituents, nesoi
0405 Butter and other fats and oils derived from milk
040500 Butter and other fats and oils derived from milk
0406 Cheese and curd
040610 Fresh cheese (inc whey cheese) nt frmntd, and curd
040620 Cheese of all kinds, grated or powdered
040630 Cheese, processed, not grated or powdered
040640 Cheese, blue-veined, nesoi
040690 Cheese, nesoi, including cheddar and colby
0407 Birds' eggs, in the shell, fresh, preserved or cooked


Birds' eggs, in the shell, fresh, preserv or cookd
0408 Birds' eggs, not in shell & yolks, fresh, dried, steamed, boiled, molded, frozen, sweetened or not
040811 Egg yolks, dried, whether or not sweetened
040819 Egg yolks, frsh, frzn, cooked by water, molded etc
040891 Birds' eggs not in shell, dried, w/n sweetened
040899 Birds' eggs nt in shell, frsh frzn cookd water etc
0409 Honey, natural


Honey, natural
0410 Other edible products of animal origin


Edible products of animal origin, nesoi