Chapter 02:

Meat and Edible Meat Offal

0201 Meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled beef, veal
020110 Carcasses/half-carcasses of bovine anmls frsh/chld
020120 Meat, bovine cuts with bone in, fresh or chilled
020130 Meat of bovine animals, boneless, fresh or chilled
0202 Meat of bovine animals, frozen beef, veal
020210 Carcasses/half-carcasses of bovine animals, frozen
020220 Meat, bovine cuts with bone in, frozen
020230 Meat of bovine animals, boneless, frozen
0203 Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen pork, ham
020311 Carcasses & half-carcasses of swine fresh, chilled
020312 Meat, swine, hams, shoulds, bone in, fr or chill
020319 Meat of swine, nesoi, fresh or chilled
020321 Carcasses and half-carcasses of swine, frozen
020322 Meat, swine, hams, shoulders etc, bone in, frozen
020329 Meat of swine, nesoi, frozen
0204 Meat of sheep or goats, fresh, chilled or frozen lamb
020410 Carcasses and half-carcasses of lamb fresh/chilled
020421 Carcasses & half-carcasses of sheep, fresh/chilled
020422 Meat of sheep, cuts, bone in nesoi, fresh, chilled
020423 Meat of sheep, boneless, fresh or chilled
020430 Carcasses and half-carcasses of lamb, frozen
020441 Carcasses and half-carcasses of sheep, frozen
020442 Meat of sheep, cuts with bone in, nesoi, frozen
020443 Meat of sheep, boneless, frozen
020450 Meat of goats, fresh, chilled or frozen
0205 Meat of horses, asses, mules, hinnies fresh, chilled or frozen


Meat of horses, asses, mules, hinnies fr, chld, fz
0206 Edible offal, bovine, swine, sheep, goat, horse, asses, mules, hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen
020610 Offal of bovine animals, edible, fresh or chilled
020621 Tongues of bovine animals, edible, frozen
020622 Livers of bovine animals, edible, frozen
020629 Offal of bovine animals, edible, nesoi, frozen
020630 Offal of swine, edible, fresh or chilled
020641 Livers of swine, edible, frozen
020649 Offal of swine except livers, edible, frozen
020680 Offal sheep, goat, horse, ass, mule/hinny edible fr/ch
020690 Offal of sheep, goats, horses etc, edible, frozen
0207 Meat & edible offal of poultry, fresh, chilled or frozen chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas
020710 Meat of spec poultry, not cut in pc, fr or chilled
020721 Meat of chickens, not cut in pieces, frozen
020722 Turkeys, not cut in pieces, frozen
020723 Ducks, geese & guineas, not cut in pieces, frozen
020731 Fatty livers of geese or ducks, fresh or chilled
020739 Poultry cuts & offal nesoi, fresh or chilled
020741 Chicken cuts and edible offal (ex livers), frozen
020742 Turkey cuts and edible offal (except liver) frozen
020743 Duck, goose, guinea cuts/edible offal (ex livr) fz
020750 Poultry livers, frozen
0208 Other meat & edible offal, fresh, chilled or frozen rabbit, hare, frogs, deer, quail
020810 Rabbit or hare meat & offal fresh, chilled, frozen
020820 Frogs' legs, fresh, chilled or frozen
020890 Meat & edible meat offal nesoi, fresh, chld, frozn
0209 Pig & poultry fat fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, dried, smoked, in brine


Pig & poultry fat frsh chld frzn salted dried smkd
0210 Meat & edible meat offal salted, in brine, dried, smoked;edible flours & meals of meat or offal ham, bacon
021011 Hams, shoulders & cuts, bone in, salted, drd, smkd
021012 Meat of swine, bellies (bacon etc), cured etc
021019 Meat of swine nesoi, salted, in brine, dried, smkd
021020 Meat, bovine animals, salted, in brine, drd, smokd
021090 Meat & offal, salted, drd, smkd, incl flour & meal