Centre Marocain de Promotion des Exportatios
Moroccan Centre For Export Promotion

CMPE is a government agency in charge of export development under the supervision of The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Handicraft. Since 1980 CMPE acts as a focal point for Moroccan exporters and foreign buyers. CMPE Offers a range of services to help professional buyers to identify and evaluate the most appropriate sources of supply in Morocco. By Providing market intelligence and relevant advice, CMPE assists moroccan exporters to better position their products in the highly-competitive global markets.

CMPE Mission:

  • Promote the export of Moroccan goods and services,
    Improve the marketing skills of Moroccan exporters,
    Provide a comprehensive and latest market information.

CMPE Activities:

  • Disseminates:
    Trade information on international markets
    Data on the Moroccan export potential

  • Carries Out
    Monographs on target markets
    Sectorial and  market studies
    Products tests in foreign markets

  • Organizes:
    Trade and Economic missions
    Participation in the international and specialized exhibitions
    Site visits for foreign buyers and manufacturers
    Training programs in the field of international marketing

  • Assist In:
    Identifying new markets
    Establishing trade contacts between foreign buyers and moroccan Exporters
    Adapting products to international standards

For more information about CMPE, please contact:
Centre Marocain de Promotion des Exportations
23, rue Bnou Majed El Bahar
20000 - Casablanca
Tel: 212-22-30.22.10/30.75.43/88
Fax: 212-22-30.17.93/45.05.57
Directeur Général: Mounir M. BENSAID
Coordinator: Mr. Lhoucine AGOUZOUL
E_Mail: agouzoulH@cmpe.org.ma