Advertising Media & Trade Promotion

There are a number of different marketing/ advertising opportunities, including sporting event sponsorship, industry-specific trade fairs, direct mail, outdoor/ vehicle advertising, print media, and, to a lesser extent, electronic media.

The local print media in Tunisia generally accept paid advertising, although there are standards for advertising, which correspond to those for editorial content. These standards are primarily concerned, however, with political and social issues rather than commercial ones. Local attorneys or marketing specialists can advise foreigners on the acceptability of various aspects of a promotional campaign. For marketing purposes, urban society in Tunisia is probably best described as similar to and heavily influenced by Europe. References to religion in advertising are generally not acceptable.

Important periodicals include the government-owned French-language daily la Presse (daily print run -42,000), Le Temps (private, French; 20,000), L'Economiste Maghrebin (French; bi-monthly, 15,000), Réalités (French and Arabic; weekly, 20,000), L'Observateur (French and Arabic; weekly, 14,000), Tunisia News (English; weekly, 15,000), Ash-Shuruq (private, Arabic; 80,000), and As-Sabah (Arabic; 53,000). Selected foreign publications, including the French daily le monde, are also generally available in Tunisia.

The electronic / broadcast media in Tunisia are operated directly by the Tunisian Broadcasting Authority (ERTT), which is a government agency. Private broadcasting is not permitted except by government-to-government agreement. Foreign commercial advertising is accepted, but under standards applied even more strictly than for print media. Signs on storefronts must be written in Arabic. Although French signs are also permitted, and widely used, the dominate portion of any signs must be in Arabic.

There are also a growing number of industry-specific trade shows, general expositions, and promotional events. Most major Tunisian cities boast at least one exposition center; Tunis has three.