Air Transport

There are eleven major airports in Morocco. The largest international airport "Mohammed V", located 35 km south of Casablanca, offers about fifty regular flights per day to Europe, the United States, Canada, the Middle East and several African cities. Merchandise can be transported to and from the airport by truck or by train. The Moroccan Airport Authority "Office National Des Aeroports" (ONDA) launched in 1993 an ambitious program to modernize the infrastructure of all national airports. All airports have modern equipment to increase traffic security and safety, and to improve the airspace radio coverage.

Sea Transport

The National Port Authority, "Office d'Exploitation des Ports" (ODEP) is the managing body. The port infrastructure handles 98% of the country's foreign trade. Morocco's twenty-four ports posted a record of 52.9 million tons in 1999, an increase of 9% compared to 1998. The port of Casablanca, the second largest in Africa handled 37% of goods imported and/ or exported. Morocco's shipping costs are high in comparison to its Mediterranean competitors. There is frequent ferry service to and from Spain and France for tourists.

Road Transport

Morocco's 60,000 km road network is among the best in Africa. Most parts of the country are readily accessible by well-surfaced roads. Most agricultural and manufactured goods move by road. With the completion of a toll-highway linking Fez and Rabat, Morocco now boasts 466 kilometers of highways linking the coastal cities of Casablanca, Rabat and Assilah, and the inland cities of Fez and Meknes.

The Rail Network: The rail company, the "Office National des Chemins de Fer"( ONCF), plays an important role in the Moroccan economy. It employs 13,820 people and operates on some 2,000 km of track. ONCF handles the transportation of phosphates, fertilizers, chemical products and other minerals. Ambitious plans are scheduled to modernize and extend the network.

Warehousing Facilities

Warehouse storage allows storage of goods in public or private warehouses controlled by the Customs Administration.