Quality & Technical Standards

Mauritania is in a transitional stage with respect to the application of WTO regulations and standards. Since the elimination of import-export licenses, most imports do not require preliminary authorization. However, the Government plans to create an agency to regulate the import and export of some products considered to be sensitive, such as live animals, sugar, rice, pharmaceuticals, arms, narcotics, and explosives. Mauritania requires pre-shipment inspection of goods costing more than $5,000 (F.O.B). These goods are inspected again at the port of Nouakchott by the Société Générale de Surveillance. The Government intends to extend the role of the SGS to other standards controls. The Government also plans to establish a foodstuffs control and fraud repression laboratory.

Standards Organizations
Mauritania does not yet have a standards system or quality control agency, although one is being planned. Unofficially, major importers (SNIM, for example) use foreign security and sanitary norms to evaluate goods particularly French & American.

 Conformity Assessment/Testing
There are no testing laboratories for imported goods. However, the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) inspects the conformity of the goods (nature, quality, quantity, and price) with the purchase documents (commercial invoice and bill of lading).

Product Certification
There are no requirements for product certification. Buying decisions are based on product expiration date, price, and quality. Few importers require the use of their personal labeling in packaging.

To date, there is only the Swiss-based SGS, accredited in Mauritania to inspect imports at the port of Nouakchott, particularly food and pharmaceutical products.

Publication of Technical Regulations
Proposed changes to technical regulations are usually not published. However, all final regulations are published in the national gazette, the "Journal Officiel de la République Islamique de Mauritanie," and copies are distributed to relevant government agencies.

The government agencies that develop trade and investment standards are:

Direction de la Promotion du Commerce Extérieur (DPCE)
Ministère du Commerce et de l’Industrie
B.P. 182
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel:      (222) 525-3572
GSM: (222) 644-6088
E-mail: comext@mauritania.mr

Direction du Développement du Secteur Privé (known as "Guichet Unique")
Ministère de l’Economie et de Finance
B.P. 238
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel:      (222) 529-0345
Fax:     (222) 529-1290

Direction de l'Industrie
Ministère du Pétrole et des Mines

B.P. 387
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel:      (222) 525-7266 or 525-3351
Fax:     (222) 525-6937

Direction de Promotion des Produits de Pêches
Ministère des Pêches et Economie Maritime

B.P. 137
Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Tel :     (222) 529-3059
E-mail : dppp.mpem@mauritania.mr

Direction des Hydrocarbures
Ministère de l’Hydraulique, de l’Energie et des TIC

Tel:      (222) 524-4307
Fax:     (222) 525-9515