Restricted Products

Phytosanitary and sanitary control regulations are in place. As a rule, animal and plant products that risk propagating diseases to persons or animals cannot be imported. In these matters, Algeria adheres, like the E.U., to the principle of “precaution.” Prospective importers may, however, be given waivers by Algeria’s national veterinary and plant protection services, depending on the situation in the country of intended origin.

Meat of U.S. origin is prohibited because of allegedly high hormone content.

Certain imports are subject to prior authorization by some ministries. For example, the Ministry of Health must clear medical products, the Ministry of Defense and National Security Directorate must clear hunting weapons, and the Ministry of Information must clear books and magazines.

In December 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture enacted a decree prohibiting the importation, distribution, or sale of seeds that are genetically modified organisms.

The only imports subject to restriction are firearms, explosives, narcotics, and for religious reasons, pork products.

In 2005 the Algerian government placed a ban on the importation of vehicles over three years old.

Restrictions: Coins, bank notes, negotiable securities, checks, and other instruments of payment may be imported only by the central bank or approved intermediary banks.

Some imports may require prior approval. Mailers should consult with addresses on these requirements and be certain necessary documents have been secured.